What is Stratis?

What is Stratis Coin and the STRAT token? Why is this a special fintech company?
In this article we will discuss the services of Stratis and also indicate why it might be smart to invest in STRAT tokens at Binance in the United Kingdom/United States. In the first place, Stratis Coin is a fintech company and development platform (nSTRATIS) for companies and organizations to develop blockchain applications in C # by using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Stratis is like this a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) provider using Microsoft technology.

With C # .NET, the door has been opened for the most important community of programmers for the development of business applications. Stratis blockchain thus makes blockchain development accessible to this community of developers. Companies can now easily take the internal technological step to discover the world of private blockchains and test them without problems in order to improve their own business processes.

What is the Commercial Benefit?

The delivery and development of tailor-made and custom-designed and customizable block chains and distributed ledgers can now be realized effectively and cheaply. These private blockchains are sidechains of the Stratis head-blockchain. All developed sidechains will receive full protection from the Stratis blockchain. It also makes it possible to exchange the STRAT tokens between the different blockchains. It is also important to realize that Stratis will not be limited to the Stratis Blockchain service, but will be able to work in parallel with the Stratis Bitcoin and the Stratis Ethereum blockchains.


Stratis Coin also provides advice and assistance in developing a blockchain strategy and development process according to the business needs of its customers. Stratis is also working on the Stratis Academy to help as many developers as possible with learning to program block blocks with the help of the Stratis development platform.

Invest in Stratis Coin and the $ STRAT token?

Stratis is a young company founded by Chris Trew for providing blockchain solutions for the development of specific distributed ledgers for companies. Stratis needs money to realize its plans and has therefore also released its own (POS) proof-of-stake stratis cryptocurrency, the STRAT token. This has a limited emission with low inflation (compared to bitcoin) and a potentially enormous growth process if Stratis is used as a company by companies all over the world. The STRAT is now very cheap and can be considered as a kind of share that you would use as the stratis cryptocurrency, but rather as equity because the STRAT can automatically give interest. Investing in Stratis is a cheap way to invest in a great community and crypto that will yield great returns.

The more companies that use the nSTRATIS platform, the more the value of STRAT can increase. You can buy STRAT with bittrex in the United Kingdom/United States. Below you can buy STRAT with bitcoins and immediately send it to your Stratis Wallet. So, first create a Stratis wallet and paste the address of your Stratis wallet into the widget to receive the $ STRAT directly.

Wondering how you can buy STRAT? Here are the steps for you:

1. Create an account at Binance
2. At the top right, press Funds → Deposits Withdrawals
3. Press Deposit at BTC
4. Generate your own address and copy it
5. Go to Coinbase
6. Buy the number of BTC you want and paste the copied address
7. Go Binance to Exchange and click on the coin / token you want to buy
8. Buy the desired amount of STRAT.

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